Good earth

May 15, 2020

The renovation of this building and interior was amongst one of the challenging projects we have executed as the whole space was to be redesigned and carried out without actually shutting down the store. Catering to the various zones within the brand, separate niches are created for the display of clothes, bath and bedding items, cutlery and crockery, spa section and so on. The industrial finish interior with straight simple white shelves and grey cabinets against black harder stone floor helps bring out the subtle colors and hand-crafted elegance of all the items for sale. A separate floor houses the famous jewelry brand ‘Amarapali,’ the interior of which have a stark variation to the rest of good earths style. Giving the space a traditional style setting with royal finished cabinets and glasswork- compliments the ethnic jewelry collections being displayed. In addition to the interiors the landscaping of the surrounding spaces adds character to the store as it can be viewed from within. Overall, simplicity and elegance have been the underlying tones adapted while redesigning and renovating the spaces.

Client:Mrs. Usha and Vani Subash 12, Banjara Hills

Short video
of the project


I got an excellent design for my future home, from cooperation I was very pleased, everything was done at the highest level. Boldly I recommend to all this company.
Elena Gomez
july 23 - 2018