Gandipet Farmhouse

Architectural Design
May 15, 2020
Designed and constructed in a traditional style, this spacious farmhouse sits in the corner of a 2 acre plot, filled with fruit and vegetable orchards and trees. It overlooks the Gandipet Lake and was planned to be able to encompass the view on all sides. The house revolves around the concept of a central courtyard into which all the rooms and spaces open up to. This courtyard acts as a focal point of the entire house, letting in more than sufficient sunlight as well as the beautiful and calming sounds of the rain during monsoons. An underground drainage system cordoned with parapet walls and seating on all sides , allows the family to enjoy this space throughout the year. The layout of the house is an open plan with no interior walls or partitions, dividing any spaces, other than the two bedrooms. Large French sliding windows ventilate this comfortable home and open up into the well maintained gardens on two sides. The other highlight feature of the farmhouse is its massive sloped roof height of 28 feet, finished with traditional Mangalore double layer tiles, which help keep the house cool even in the summers. The leather finish Shahbaad stone floor compliments the off white walls and statement wooden doors and cabinets. The furniture and décor also reflect the raw, rustic vibe created through the house. The exterior has a conventional period look, with a laterite finish exposed brick façade, contrasting large white punctured windows, verandas that are supported by white doric columns with shahbaad stone floors and an interesting blend of handmade vibrant tiles as borders. A custom made hardwood swing overlooks the vegetable gardens, a two floor gazebo and a brick pizza oven. This is an ideal place for entertaining, relaxing etc. and acts as a perfect getaway from the city for the family.
Client:Mrs. Hima Madapati
Location:Gandipet, Hyderabad

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Elena Gomez
july 23 - 2018